Our BALLOON TWISTER having fun!

Our WEB HERO in action!

Our RED MONSTER in action!

Our EXPLORER BOY giving hugs!

Thank you for checking out Fun  You will find that we offer Character Entertainers & Costumes for Rent. When you decide which Rental Costume or Character Entertainer you want, be sure to use the name that we have listed

in order for us to better serve you! Also , please be advised of the following:
It is not the intention of  Fun to break any trademark/copyright laws. The characters depicted are in no way related to nor endorsed by any company other than Fun The costumes are of our own design and any similarities to any trademarked/copyrighted items are strictly coincidental. If you are expecting a name brand character, please call the parent companies directly. We also will only work with companies or persons who understand that our characters are in no way related to or endorsed by any company other than Fun